Do you need an answer to a question different from the above. If an editor requests an exclusive, that’s fine—but give him a time limit 4 weeks is fair. ” On the flyleaf of the book, Cyril himself recorded the tradition then current concerning its preparation, to the effect that it was “written by the hand of Thecla, an Egyptian woman of noble birth. Read the full curator’s introduction. The Allegro in D major, K. Help Center, and Cookies and Similar Technologies Policy. The Curzon Catena is the earliest extant Boh. Even these divisions have subdivisions. The following is an overview of their development up to the time when backgammon appeared on the scene. Manuscript from the Austrian National Library, Vienna. By abbreviations of the names: am. Its geographic distribution resulted in a wide variety of local types. Lindisfarne Gospels The Gospels of St. And again another scripture saith, “They shall look on him whom they pierced. Posted by Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Manuscripts at12:01 AMinDecoration, Early modern, Illuminated manuscripts, Manuscripts, Royal, Women’s histories Permalink. Armenian manuscripts date from A. Each book of hours contain a similar collection of texts, prayers, and psalms but decoration can vary between each and each example. Bauer und Otto Erich Deutsch auf Grund deren vorarbeiten erläutert und durch ein Register erschlossen von Joseph Heinz Eibl. Besides a detailed description of the manuscript by Günter Brosche, the volume contains a Foreword by Christoph Wolff depicting the work’s genesis. Commissions for works of art either for placement or use within a religious environment—whether temple, mosque, monastery, synagogue, or church—or for a religious activity—ecclesiastical, liturgical, sacramental, devotional, contemplative, or catechetical—qualify art as religious art. Main article: Samarkand Kufic Quran. He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him” 1 Jn. Why would God hide important truths or information in this hidden way when His usual method has been to reveal His intentions and plans in ordinary human language. Those who fail to find textual criticism a “sexy” subject may be surprised by the title of this volume and the image of a woman, naked but for a crumpled bedsheet, which graces its dustjacket. For more information, please see ourprivacy policy.

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The Psalter was subsequently rediscovered by Madden, who remounted and reorganised its pages. Notable exceptions to the above are the holographs of a short work for brass ensemble by Mendelssohn, a cadenza for the Mozart Piano Concerto KV 491 by Gounod, and a bohemian manuscript of parts for a Missa Brevis from the late eighteenth century. If you have a “wheel mouse,” you should be able to roll it toward you to see more of the drop down menu. Revisions of the Septuagint. The vibrant and elegant markings evince conscious artistry, and are written to glorify God. ” While there are only about 138,000 words in the New Testament, Ehrman’s quote is misleading. In no other part of Europe and at no other period of European art has script been treated with greater intensity, imagination, and freedom than in Anglo Saxon Insular book illumination from the seventh to the ninth century. In the sixteenth century, carpet weaving evolved from Early Christian and late antique art a nomadic and peasant craft to a well executed industry that used specialized design and manufacturing techniques on quality fibers such as silk. There are four great uncial codices: Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Alexandrinus, and Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus. Tov examines a number of textual discrepancies between Bible versions Did God finish work on the sixth or seventh day before resting on the seventh day. As a result, illuminated manuscripts began to be produced at large by commercial facilities in Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam, making them accessible to a wider audience. In other contexts, however, the use of the term “manuscript” no longer necessarily means something that is hand written. The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical,conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancyof Scripture. He brought the number of Massoretic MSS. Aristocrats who ordered their Book of Hours directly from the artist often said how they wanted them decorated. Consequently, after his death, the collection was split among his heirs. How to access illuminated manuscripts. After the general layout of the page was planned e. There are three families of Septuagint manuscripts — the Hexaplaric, Hesychian, and Lucianic. Lumbard, on the other hand, states that “all” the Sana’a “variations had already been and recorded in the Islamic historiographical tradition”. Klibanksy, Panofsky, and Saxl, Saturn and Melancholy, 197. These variants could reflect the original, but they don’t affect the meaning of the text.

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In this post, we are going to take a look at what exactly an illuminated manuscript is, talk a little about the digitisation of them, and found out just why so many illuminated manuscripts feature knights fighting snails. There are also a few letters from Italy between 1770 and 1773 when only Mozart and his father were on tour. More specifically, we associate each pixel with its representations in the RGB, CIELUV and CIELAB color spaces, along with its spatial location in the image. Not sure how to use Manuscripts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. While archaeology provides a great deal of information and physical evidence, much of it also needs to be interpreted in a historical framework and with ancient texts to help us decipher events, architecture, and artifacts. Experts havedated some of the Dunhuang Cave documents to only 500 years after the Buddha’sdeath, making them among the oldest texts of their kind. You will also get the latest on the next film and go behind the scenes with Timothy Mahoney as he continues the investigation. 50 Khalid was employed after ‘Ali’s martyrdom by the chamberlain of Walid ibn ‘Abd al Malik for making copies of the scripture and for writing poems and traditions for him. We’ve listed them below. It could be dated as early as four centuries before the time of Christ. Lipsiensis seventh century; in Univ. Dating is often uncertain, generally lacking evidence to help with dating, such as portraits of donors. Lorenzo Da Pontes italienisch englisches Libretto für die US Erstaufführung von Mozarts Oper 1826. This was precisely the exchange I had imagined as I planned a unit of study on the world’s major religions. Many of the objects in the exhibition reflect both realities and fictions about times of war and peace. Mingana presented a full transcription of the Qur’anic text of the scriptio inferior of the manuscript, with the parallel text from the present day Qur’an. There are four great uncial codices: Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Alexandrinus, and Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus. Deluxe portfolio in laid paper with pasted and embossed label and leather spine. The unlocking of the code will be at the time of the end. If the duration is long, errors can propogate into the text. The Mulling Gospels were written at the Monastery of Saint Molling in County Carlow, Ireland, about 790. For more on my background and research interests, see here. This will pave a new way in knowledge sharing and spreading ideas across the globe. Finally, the existence of the OT MSS in both Greek and Hebrew is a testament to the preserving activity of God in the time before and after Christ. Fifty six leaves are housed in the Chester Beatty Museum in Dublin, Ireland, and thirty are at the University of Michigan.

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The words in these manuscripts were embellished with ornate borders, detailed illustrations, and gold leaf work, turning them into beautiful pieces of medieval art. As we know it today, there are around 138,000 words in the Greek New Testament. Wile Russia feared the British commercial and military incursions in the area, Britain was afraid of Russia expansion over India. It is widely thought that the first edition of the Gospel ended with ch. Buy Now: Book Kindle ePub. See on MetPublications. Palaeography divides the Greek into uncials and minuscules; the Latin into uncials, semi uncials, capitals, minuscules and cursives. These manuscripts were the “Bible” they read and revered; to them, these manuscripts were the New Testament text. Idea One: What is an illuminated manuscript. Even the simplest Book of Hours has wonderful decorations. Bibliography all except the last two items contain illustrations ofmanuscripts. It’s a game that would be fun. The READ COOP team is currently developing improved layout recognition software, which will be capable of recognising images much more accurately and should be a big boost for medievalists looking to transcribe these kinds of manuscripts. 125 the 𝔓52 papyrus, oldest copy of John fragment to the introduction of printing in Germany in the 15th century. Cross disciplinary with info on both primary and secondary sources. We hope you have enjoyed reading this blogpost and that the coronation of the new king, Charles III, proceeds without a hitch.

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Suspected thieves had their hands or feet chopped off after summary trials. 145 out of 238 leaves of New Testament. By signing up you agree to our terms and privacy policy. And these snippets of the text in the second century do not reveal a text that is notably different than what we find in the later manuscript tradition. It is not technically an illuminated manuscript because it makes no use of gold, silver, or any colored illustrations but it is the oldest European work which uses decorated capital letters to begin each page a practice which would come to define illuminated manuscripts. Backgammon has been studied considerably by computer scientists. The work was discovered and completed between the years 1485 1489 CE when it was recognized as a masterpiece. 1574–1595, now in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, which contains images of the “exaltation” and “dejection” of the planets—that is, when they are in apogee and perigee Fig. For Christians, the concept has a meaning beyond the particular translation in their hand, and refers to 27 books or letters written by a collection of different authors two millennia ago. Although it has lower offensive potential, the Reinforced Staff focuses on magic attacks and can increase Aerith’s buff durations by 10%, as well as offering a higher damage reduction while guarding. Vetus Testamentum Graecum Greek Old Testament, London, 1653. William de Brailes is the only 13th century English non monastic illuminator known to have signed. To ensure accuracy they actually counted every line, word, syllable, and letter. But if you think you’ve written a bestseller that doesn’t fit into the above genres then please do send it to us. There is a story told by the Anglo Norman historian Orderic Vitalis, who was born soon afterwards, in 1075, and is usually regarded as a faithful chronicler. Differences in the shade of some compared to others were attributed to the preparation techniques: the acid or basic immediate environment of pages; the initial preparation of the dye; and the technique used to apply to colour onto the parchment. “Pastor John, I’ve recently discovered that many theologians do not believe John 7:53–8:11 should be in the Bible because it was added later and is not found in the oldest Greek manuscripts we have. 1 Pembroke Choirbooks and other music manuscripts from Pembroke College, Cambridge. So here is a list of four Manuscripts that you can find in FF7 Remake, similar will be available in hard mode.

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For breaking news, artist updates, and special sale offers. Once you have viewed your PDF proof and are happy with it, you can submit your manuscript. This abbey had been founded by King Edward the Confessor r. Most in the program will be able to launch a presale of their book within seven to eight months, and then launch a book tour six months later. Ad vertisement from Etsy seller. Hard Mode Defeat the Jury Rigged Cutter in the Shears’ Counterattack side quest. For example, in manuscript copies of John 5:2, there is a spelling difference for the location of a pool in Jerusalem: 1 Bethesda Majority/Byzantine, A, C, Josephus, Copper Scroll, 2 Bethsaida P75, B, 3 Bethzatha Sinaiticus. Niger coup makes a troubled region yet more fragile. Aqiba seems to have been the head of this Jewish school of the second century. Defeat the Swordipede on Hard Mode. The discovery of 981 manuscripts between 1947 1956 fascinated the world. Also of some value to Bible scholars and translators is the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Catholic Bible executed largely by St. Yet, Scott Carroll and others have reported that it was indeed offered for sale. Arranged geographically. 1900 Jay Ell Dr, Richardson, TX 75081. Thus, the text we have today is not the same text, letter for letter, that the Old Testament writers originally wrote. ” Neither the Codex Vaticanus nor the codex Sinaiticus date to medieval times follow through to the middle ages definition has that time period being from the 6th to 16th centuries. OR Select a range of biblical books. PM’s heart keeps pace as US expresses disappointment. Codex Leningradensis is the oldest Hebrew manuscript of the entire Old Testament. In the sixteenth century the Greek New Testament was published for the firsttime in printed form. Error: That username is already taken. Professional Biography. The name Romanesque refers to the fusion of Roman, Carolingian and Ottonian, Byzantine, and local Germanic traditions that make up the mature style. Sometimes the same person was both scribe and illustrator, but not necessarily. Click here to view past events and photos ». It is often asked about the identity of the earliest copies of an Old Testament text and a New Testament text. Manuscripts are written, as opposed to printed, copies of the original text or of a version either of the whole Bible or of a part thereof.

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For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here. However, his Arian beliefs only clearly influenced one verse in his translation, Philippians 2:6. ” Anglican Theological Review 74, no. We’ve also got a full choices and consequences guide covering all the story branches. The New Testament is a collection of 27 books that were written after Jesus died and rose again. Vienna: September November, 1781. The Qur’anic Manuscripts In Museums, Institutes, Libraries and Collections. There is also the statement of Jesus that not even the smallest letter, or the stroke of a letter, will pass from the law until all is fulfilled. In 1996 Parker’s dual interest in computers and crosswords converged and he developed an interactive crossword that became the web’s first syndicated crossword puzzle. Though the work of Cardinal Cisneros and his assistant, Stunica, was indisputably better, Erasmus’s edition became the more popular an interesting lesson in itself as to how errors get perpetuated. It is probably a war elephant, masterfully depicted with all its features. Visiting Van Gogh’s Cypresses. After segmentation, a virtually restored image of the manuscript with all its informative content is generated by selectively replacing the detected degradation pixels with appropriate fill in pixels that reproduce the textured background. The first word in the sentence, translated as “name,” occurs nineteen times in the Quran. There is a short time span between when New Testament events actually happened and when they were first recorded. Abdel Salam Associate Professor at the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Science NILES, Cairo University. The result often produces fragmented answers that themselves ensue far more questions than what I originally set off with; that can be attributed to the overwhelmingly anonymous nature of the Islamic artisan’s world, a world where insight is a rarity, but completion is incidentally a work of absolute brilliance. Pendentives in the Hagia Sophia are this shape 8. Niccolò Zarzi, Albrecht Berger, and Lorenzo Lazzarini Rome, 2019, pp. Arlandson 2007 makes a powerful comparison when referencing the writing of C. The manuscript was used for many important printed Greek New Testaments. What event constituted the Boston Tea Party. However, the text of the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, along with some Latin manuscripts, reads that the sons cursed or blasphemed God. Not only are the pages painted black, but the miniatures themselves also use the same dark tones.

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𝔓45 is a manuscript of Gospels and Acts. El verano es calor y sol. 138 Nevertheless, the appearance of the emperor held significance in the eyes of contemporaries because the Byzantine imperial insignia was the basis for the Byzantine concept of imperium, i. A sacred motet in Latin for soprano, instruments and continuo, with two arias, a recitative and a final Alleluia, EXULTATE, JUBILATE was composed for the feast day of the Regular Theatine Clerics, and first performed on January 17, 1773. 𝔓52 is the oldest known manuscript fragment of the New Testament, containing a portion of the Gospel of John. This is not surprising. Follow BiblicalLanguages. Terms and conditions apply. Armed with a bamboo ink pen and a steady hand, Ethiopian Orthodox priest Zelalem Mola carefully copied text in the ancient Ge’ez language from a religious book onto a goatskin parchment. Now, experts have been able to uncover lost words from ages past. Discovered in 2013, the third major discovery this year, was a ‘siddur’ – a Jewish prayer book dated back to around 840 AD. 3 cm; Cleveland Museum of Art. Federal government websites often end in. He Passover Papyrus from Elephantine, 419 BCE. Ehrman, Wallace reported that a fragment of Mark’s gospel, dated to the first century, had been discovered. 88 Original Price USD 58. Dating of manuscript material by a radiocarbon dating test requires that a small part of the material be destroyed in the process. The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts CSNTM conducted a series of interviews with scholars of textual criticism at the Society of Biblical Literature conference in San Diego, California in 2014. The display is sponsored by Mifal Hapayis, Israel’s national lottery, which supports various cultural and educational ventures. On the two plaques: James, Empresses, pp. LibLynx Access Management. Seller Inventory S 373091623. Containing part of Psalms Hebrew x xxxiii. Maguire, Henry, “Truth and Convention in Byzantine Descriptions of Works of Art,” Dumbarton Oaks Papers 28 1974, 113–40. Iconic Curations has determined the best, most efficient shipping methods, based on the merchandise you have selected.


Faksimile der autographen Partitur. In its first phase, the Pinkasim Project is focusing on European Jewish communities between 1500 1800, considered the “golden age” of Jewish self government. Other Ancient Versions and the Cairo Geniza. The second alternative is correct B. LibLynx Access Management. Metalwork gemstones were so often stolen or sold over the centuries that many pieces now lack them entirely or are replaced by modern glass pastes. The text is Latin, with a calendar in French calendar; gospel sequences; O intemerata; Hours of the Virgin; seasonal variations; Hours of the Cross; Hours of the Holy Ghost; penitential psalms; litany; Vigils of the Dead; commemorations of saints; Stabat Mater. Whether you are enjoying a restfully sedentary season or the official start of the spring semester has you thoroughly engaged in your own labors of the month, we wish you a warm and happy February. The type of book most often heavily and richly illuminated is sometimes known as a “display book. Steinschneider describes 14 Bible manuscripts in the Royal library of Berlin; none of them is very old. Seller Inventory Holz New 0801021367. Before 1500 CE in Europe, all texts were hand copied by scribes, usually monks in monasteries University of Minnesota Libraries, n. Scholars admit the logic and scientific worth of this new numeration, but find it too unwieldy and impracticable. Preface by Charles Ryskamp; introduction by Rigbie Turner. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Get access to the full article by using one of the access options below. Nicolas Bock,Peter Kurmann,Serena Romano, andJean Michel Spieser Rome, 2002, pp. The type of book most often heavily and richly illuminated is sometimes known as a “display book. Such reused manuscripts were called palimpsests and were very common in the ancient world until the Middle Ages. Those who accept the New Testament as the Word of God believe that what they hold in their hands today is an accurate copy of the original documents written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul and others. The Solve button at the top of the puzzle shows the solution. Ex Bibliotheca Regia royal edition. You can find thousands of bookspreach thousands of doctrineslimit God to three when revelations mentions about the 7 Spirits of Godbut at the and a very simple teaching was left to usBelieve in Him and be righteous.


” Thus, teachings and stories of Jesus first circulated orally, with the written letters or epistles of the Apostle Paul appearing fairly early, some by at least A. Art historians classify illuminated manuscripts into their historic periods and types, including but not limited to: Late Antique, Insular, Carolingian manuscripts, Ottonian manuscripts, Romanesque manuscripts, Gothic manuscripts, and Renaissance manuscripts. The Number of New Testament Manuscripts Compared with Other Ancient Books. We remain focused on expanding the Index collection to present the rich array of iconography from the global Middle Ages. May God open doors to your ministry. 778/1376 has recorded his observations as follows: In the eastern side of the hall of worship, facing the mihrib is a big repository where the Qur’an sent to Syria by Amir al Mu’minin ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan is preserved. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in. I wish we knew for sure. 150 220 and used by St. Hodges, Richard, and David Whitehouse. But this letter’s inclusion in P⁠46, evidently consisting of Paul’s letters exclusively, indicates that in about 200 C. Of the fifth century. Accessed February 1, 2019. Several gave presentations on the new Nestle Aland text at SBL. The Footsteps of the Apostle Paul mp4 Download, DVD by Dr. One of my relatives’ sons was the first guy to have his hand cut off. The significance of art, regardless of medium or critical appraisal, is its cultural embeddedness by which it enables reflection on past cultural histories, connection with contemporary cultural attitudes, and projection of emerging cultural values. The unwanted, interfering degradation. The manuscripts were smuggled to safety from Timbuktu after Islamist militant groups took control of the city in northern Mali in 2012. The artist for this manuscript, Bonaventura a Montepulciano, signed and dated this work at the lower frame of the miniature. Is extant: 182 leaves found in Asia Minor, 1896 are in St. Chi rho ΧΡ are the first two Greek letters of the Greek word Christos.

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Each text independent of the other. Script groups belong typologically to their generation; and changes can be noted with great accuracy over relatively short periods of time. Then suddenly the style changed; the simplest explanation is the establishment of closer contacts with Reichenau. This contains the text of the Washington Manuscripts of Deuteronomy, Joshua, and the Psalms. We think of the Sudoku as a modern phenomenon, exploding in popularity in recent years travel by train and you’re bound to see someone frowning at their paper, pencil in hand but, in fact, French newspapers featured variations of the puzzle in the 19th century – until they disappeared around the time of World War I. And the first two centuriesA. For more information about the reliability of the New Testament gospels and the case for Christianity, please read Cold Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels. Ehrman writes: “It is true, of course, that the New Testament is abundantly attested in the manuscripts produced through the ages, but most of these manuscripts are many centuries removed from the originals, and none of them perfectly accurate. 1 million during Marquee Week at SothebysNewYork. 1030, 1104, and 1118. It could be dated as early as four centuries before the time of Christ. The Ge’ez translation is helpful for textual criticism in relation to its similarity to the Byzantine family of manuscripts. Drei Lieder für den Frühling. Should one ponder over this list, they will come to the appreciation scholars involved in this field of study suffer from an embarrassment of riches. Social Media Overview. It was painstaking work, with elaborate illuminations requiring weeks to complete. Hubertianus ninth century; in Brit. Of folium, leaf is a book or pamphlet made up of one or more full sheets of paper, on each sheet of which four pages of text are printed, two on each side; each sheet is then folded one time to produce two leaves. VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT: AN ANCIENT BOOK NO BODY CAN READNature is a mistery. All these are fully illustrated in colour and provide stimulating examples to guide conservation departments in collections, museums and other laboratories in applying scientific investigation into works of art. Cursive is a script where the author was able to write with fewer lifts of the pen. Handwriting is aproduct of human culture and as such it is always developing. The ink itself came from naturally derived sources including ground gall nuts or carbon powder, mixed with liquid. A and b are our chief witnesses to the European text of the Gospels. These pages were then bound into books, called codices singular: codex. Elsner terms Procopius’ De Aedificiis a “bravado text that transposes real monuments into a textual discourse” 50. ” In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. 6th Century, facsimile, 1927, Uppsala, Sweden. Today is Evolution day – a day commemorating the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species on 24 November 1859.


Facsimile of the Original Manuscript Owned by the National Orchestral Association, New York. The Westminster Abbey Bestiary is one of the best preserved and most curious bestiaries from the Middle Ages. In some of the early Gospel Books, the Evangelist was represented by a symbol rather than a portrait. 100 150, although most scholars today would use a wider date range of the second century in general. “How does it help us to say that the Bible is the inerrant word of God if in fact we don’t have the words that God inerrantly inspired,” one such skeptic claims, “but only the words copied by the scribes—sometimes correctly but sometimes many times. Generally speaking, these copies were made centuries after the originals from other copies rather than from the autograph. They may be used as an offering or as part of a ritual or ceremony. ← Login to Your Account. Others discuss lexicography and the making of modern dictionaries for ancient languages. Learn how Bloomberg television anchor Alisa Parenti developed her award winning novel featuring Ethel Rosenberg. If you don’t hear back from an editor within 6 weeks of sending her your letter, it’s safe to assume she’s not interested in your work. From these three editions the extant manuscripts of the Septuagint have descended, but by ways that have not yet been accurately traced. ” As mentioned in al Fihrist, he saw this codex in the possession of Abu Ya’la Hamzah al Hasani and it remained as a legacy in the family of al ‘Imam al Hasan A. Escoge la respuesta correcta. The Bible was written to instruct us how to act on these occasions. Codex Usserianus Primus. A great amount of material of this type was assembled by the Masoretes, and came to be known as the Masorah. Script groups belong typologically to their generation; and changes can be noted with great accuracy over relatively short periods of time. Incidentally, I typed and submitted my previous “reply” before noticing my Bible had the words “Primacy of Peter” at the top of the page, to indicate the “stand out” thing on that page. 4% probability of a date between 795 and 855. Hijazi script is distinguished by its “informal, sloping Arabic script. It was put together by Google, along with local and international partners. Was found ina monastery library on the slopes of Mount Sinai in the nineteenth century andbrought to St. They have no certainty, but the Bible is given that we might “know the certainty of the things wherein” we have been instructed. Mozart received the commission for this musical setting of a poem by a fellow Mason Franz Heinrich Ziegenhagen in July of 1791. Most of the Bodleian’s medieval manuscripts have shelfmarks named after their donors, most prominently William Laud 1573–1645, archbishop of Canterbury and chancellor of the University of Oxford; Sir Kenelm Digby 1603–65, a natural philosopher and courtier; Thomas Barlow 1608/9–91, bishop of Lincoln; Elias Ashmole 1617–1692, the antiquary who founded the Ashmolean Museum, whose manuscripts were later transferred to the Bodleian; Anthony Wood 1632–95, an Oxford antiquary; Richard Rawlinson 1690–1755; and Francis Douce 1757–1834, a London antiquary.